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There are plenty of options spread throughout Settlers Green, Settlers Crossing and Settlers Corner. From gourmet burgers to cupcakes, pizza to huge salads and entrees. Plus, on-the-go options, coffee and snacks.
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Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers

Telephone: 603-730-5907
Location: Settlers Corner
Categories: Food

Wicked Fresh is a new kind of burger joint. Locally-owned and family-run, we serve good fresh food fast—not fast food. Everything we make is loaded with local flavor, hand-crafted and always cooked to order.

Whenever possible the ingredients we use are locally sourced, like our grass-fed beef patties, locally-made beer, exclusive White Mountain Cupcakery desserts, and our produce, much of which is organically grown.

Since where we source our ingredients changes depending on what is available, ask us about our current local sources next time you stop in.

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